Sharing entropy between computers with entropyservice

Suffering with low entropy on Xen/KVM/VMware VMs? Get help from another computer with better entropy sources.

Check out entropyservice. It allows low entropy machines (eg virtual machines) to collect data from another host with high entropy (eg a real computer) via SSH, then stir it in to the kernel’s entropy pool using rngd.

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So I made something for that TV show…

So. It’s been on TV now so I’m allowed to talk about it.

The BBC just showed an episode of Horizon called To Infinity and Beyond, and I got a credit at the end of it. Shiny. :)

Why? Because I made something shiny that helps answer the age old question: If a monkey sat at a typewriter for an infinite amount of time, how long would it take to write the entire works of Shakespeare. You can even download a copy of the shiny thing yourself from Google Code, and do pretty much whatever you want with it as it’s been released under the BSD License.