4 thoughts on “Lazyweb: Old Workstations

  1. X plane! I’m trying to think of more things to do on an sgi workstation but the are expensive or need special hardware and are hard to obtain

  2. I was thinking of the octane machines. The indy was older and doesn’t have the latter machines awesome 3d power. Still they do have video in so you could use it as a webcam

  3. I have three already and barely use them. There’s the Xbox Live Vision Camera, the iSight built into my MBP, and I have a good USB one which isn’t even plugged into anything.

    I already have more computers than uses for them, so I’m not entirely sure why I just opted to inherit two more…

  4. It’s true, indy machines whilst good at the time are ancient now. Still you could have a play around with irix on it.

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