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  1. *snerks* Ah.

    I’m waving goodbye to my 2nd ranked ISP soon :( Moving to a house with NTL, and this house is getting free Sky broadband, on the grounds that it’s free and it only needs to be minimal in terms of bandwidth usage. But still, I mourn.

  2. Who’re you with at the moment?

    Best service I’ve ever had was with Telewest. Worst was NTL, second worst was Plusnet.

    With Virgin Media now, in an ex-NTL area, but the service is Telewest quality. 20mb broadband, yay!

  3. ADSL24 at the moment. No complaints; I especially like their forum and support, with involvement from the MD. There was a problem with the whole of Entanet the other day so everything was slow and crappy, but they were pretty good at saying “hey, there’s a problem”, and then fixing it. I’d definitely use them again. £20 for 30gb peak and 300gb offpeak is rather nice (I once used 100gb peak, when I had a limit of 50, but freedom2surf’s interpretation of “peak” was stricter than ADSL24). I switched from f2s because they were bought by fricking Tiscali, and just no.

    Plusnet were horrible. I hated the traffic shaping (I love my currently unshaped connection!), and the customer service was just terrible. I think I’ve blocked out all of my negative experiences, but I definitely remember them cutting me off before the date I authorised them to do so. I was not pleased.

    I suppose the new place is technically Virgin Media. I’m not optimistic either way. The speed I got when I was there wasn’t too bad; about 3mbps, and presumably that gets better in the middle of the night. I’ve never used cable before. Never been in a cabled area. I don’t have a choice because my housemate/landlord already has the connection set up and it’s bundled with his TV and phone so I can’t imagine he’d be very amenable to switching (though if the connection and/or support were really bad he’d probably consider it). There are benefits though; it’s free to me ;)

  4. In the UK at least, Cable > DSL.

    Time of day doesn’t really affect network performance anywhere near like with DSL, and Virgin’s traffic shaping is very fair, and only applies IF you go over, and ONLY for 4 hours from the moment you go over.

    Example based on the XL package: Peak times are 4pm-midnight. If I download 3gb immediately after 4pm (which I can do in as little as 25 minutes, if I were to max out my connection), I’d get traffic shaped by 4:25pm from 20mb to 5mb (still fast!). I can keep downloading. At 8:25pm, my connection goes back to 20mb. If I download another 3gb at 8:25pm, that’d take me to 8:50pm and I’d start the shaping afresh. No punishments carry over, and as soon as the 4 hours of shaping is over, all is forgiven and its as if you never went over. I’ve not seen any other provider even remotely compare to that level of forgiveness.

    And, on top of that, they’re the only ISP that actually really does offer unlimited downloads, no limits hidden in the AUP (I’ve checked, several times!).

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