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The Web Browser for S60, based on Safari (or more correctly WebKit), is fantastic for many many reasons (my favourite being the Page Overview mode, identical in functionality to the iPhone’s zoom feature within Safari).

Basically, navigation around webpages is done with an on-screen mouse pointer controlled by the N95’s D-pad (rather than just jumping a page, or jumping to the nearest link when a button is pressed, like most other phones). If you keep pressing a direction to navigate through a page, it’s smart enough to make the cursor translucent so it doesn’t get in your way. The mouse cursor auto-snaps to UI elements such as form fields, links and buttons, but can also move freely around the page.

However I noticed something different the other day, something very subtle indeed. I suppose the developers were faced with two options: set the “mouse” pointer to move really large steps for each keypress, and be able to navigate quickly (but probably skip right past all the important UI elements that the user’s trying to reach), or set the “mouse” pointer to move tiny steps and be able to reach every single pixel (but move around the page painfully slowly).

Their solution is genius: if the phone thinks you’ve missed something it’ll make the steps gradually smaller.

I press down. It moves 20 pixels.
I press down. It moves another 20 pixels.
I press up. It moves 10 pixels up.
I press down. It moves 5 pixels down.
I press up. It moves 2 pixels up.
I press down. It moves 1 pixel down.

Slightly off topic, but also came across this N95 advert today. Seems like a bit of a jab at the iPhone, no?

3 thoughts on “Web Browser for S60

  1. Nice idea there.. hey. I own the iPhone and it is a gorgeous piece of kit. Apple needs to stop being silly and open up the phone a bit more. It has a lot of potentials!

    It is sure going to be an expensive phone when it comes out here with the contract that o2 is offering. Oh boy…..

  2. Almost bulletproof. I can count on one hand the times it’s crashed on me. And when it crashes it just reboots itself.

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