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Okay, so I played with an iPhone in the Apple Store yesterday. I already think it’s a worthless piece of tosh compared to my Nokia N95 due to it’s lack of:

  • 3G support (fast mobile Internet)
  • HSDPA support (broadband-speed mobile internet)
  • MMS support (“picture messaging”)
  • Video capability (N95 takes DVD quality video!)

Okay, so it can hold 8GB of music. But even ignoring the new N95 8GB, the proper N95 can too, provided you get a memory card big enough (and yes, huge cards DO work). And the N95’s Mac software interfaces with iTunes cleanly, so having an Apple-branded iPod doesn’t make that much difference.

Lack of 3G/HSDPA support is a total deal-breaker for me, because I use my N95 as a stopgap device for when I’m not near my Mac. Sometimes I even use it to get my Mac online when I’m nowhere near any form of internet connection (or even electricity). On the way down to London this weekend, it saved me from buying a wifi voucher on the train.

Nonetheless, I played with one, to see if it’s shinyness could sway me. Sadly, it didn’t. If anything it just cemented the idea that I already have a much better device.

The keyboard is nothing short of ABYSMAL. Sure, if you’ve never ever used a mobile before it probably wouldn’t be so bad, but my typing speed was only a QUARTER of what it is on the N95. It took me SIXTY seconds to write something on the iPhone that only took me FIFTEEN seconds to write on the N95. Wow.

The lack of tactile feedback (being able to “feel” when you’ve pushed a button) means you can’t type without looking at the device, something I rely on probably a bit too much. Imagine sending a quick text while walking down a busy Central London road — you really need to look where you’re going, rather than at the phone. London’s pavements would grind to a halt more than they already do if everyone had an iPhone.

The camera: why did they bother? Yes, perhaps I’m spoilt by my N95 with it’s 5MP camera, Carl Zeiss optics, and it’s DVD-quality video recorder, but on a phone as expensive as the iPhone, you EXPECT a decent expensive camera to match it.

All in all, it’s an absolute turkey. I’m sure with future iPhone releases, Apple will address some, if not all of these issues, but will they outdo the likes of Nokia? Probably not for a while.

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  1. i bought an iPod to afford me the luxury of ignoring the iPhone. I don’t like using touch screens that often for pretty much anything and i’m sure you agree with that – they get dirty too easily, they get damaged too easily and they do everything slightly slower and less accurately than just clicking it with a mouse or pointer.

    Also, are you still in london or have you headed back up home? hope you enjoyed your trip either way

  2. exactly why I want to wait…then again, I don’t surf the net now, and sometimes, it would be handy… oh junker Nokia, you slay me.

    I’ve only owned Nokia phones.. i’m waiting until I don’t hear tons of negatives about the Iphone before I invest. I played with a friends for a second… i tried surfing to wellsfargo.com to make a quick transfer to my debit card from another checking account but after a few minutes of trying to work the buttons, I gave up…I kept pressing two buttons at the same time… I don’t know ’bout you, but I don’t have pointed fingers.. I don’t even have fat fingers, so pity on the folks who don’t have stick fingers like mine and own that thing!

  3. Hello peoples,

    I too was a K800i fan for the last 2 years odd and have never owned a Nokia till the N95. the K800 is no my back up phone for when I forget to turn off the GPS and end up with a dead phone.

    S60v3 is awesome. I love how it is open to development on a larger scale than the SE OS, I really liked my K800i but I LOVE the N95-1 that I have. Needs more than a gig though to be useful as a music player though in my opinion. the HSPDA speed here in Australia is awesome and I use most of my 1GB/month doing all sorts of things..

    I also found the Video Manager software that will convert ANYTHING pretty much into the N95 and have been DL’dg and converting everything I would normal watch on my PC at home then watching it on buses etc.

    The N95 has changed the way i communicate and I am suprised at how little phone calls I do now with Fring etc installed.

    I too was attracted to the iPhone as I own a bluey G3/500 etc at home and like OSX but was really really really disappointed in the iPhone. it was slow, dumb and dodgy photos. like others have said, no contest..


  4. Noticed that the iPhone has a much bigger, brighter, better screen than the N95?

    Ever flicked photos with your thumb?

    About the keyboard – I bet you $1000 that I can type faster on the iPhone than you on the N95. Not without looking – granted! – but I type at about 50% my computer typing speed now on the iPhone after getting used to it. And I am very fast on the computer.

    I had an N73 before and the N95 is supposed to be better – thankfully as the N73 was a total piece of junk. Even though it was a “music edition” and could surf the web I never:
    – Surfed the web on the Nokia – it was better than previous efforts, but still retarded
    – Played music on the Nokia – a horrible experience if ever there was one. The nokia sync software crashed the first time I tried to upload an album and it went downhill from there.

    Both those things work brilliantly on the iPhone and I am often using it as a soft of internet tablet. How can you surf the internet without being able to instantly pan and zoom? There is no going back. The Nokia web browsing experience is a total joke, doesn’t compare.
    They were not kidding, it’s the best iPod ever. Showing off the pictures in my albums has never been that much fun either (on the N73 you had to wait 10 seconds for the album app to even appear….

    Another thing I kind of like that rarely gets mentioned: The iPhone is indestructible. It doesn’t scratch because it has a glass screen. The rest is steel. Pit that piece of plastic N95 against an iPhone in a high velocity crash and see what happens! :)

  5. I’m not sure. I can type on a phone keyboard with T9 at about 90% of the speed I can type on a qwerty keyboard (not including unusual punctuation).

    I’ve not played with an N73, but I’ve heard of troubles. Using the N95 with my Mac has been seamless, though.

    That pan and zoom thing in the iPhone’s Safari? Yeah, the N95 does that too. The built in web browser is built around WebKit (the core of Safari) on S60 3rd. Even the UserAgent string the browser reports says it’s Safari.

    The music player on the N95 is very fast actually, and there’s actually no benefit to having an iPod over it, unless you’re going for the huge 80gb/160gb iPod Classics for the storage space. It plays Windows Media files (not that I ever really use them). It also plays more video formats than the iPod can.

    As for the indestructible side of things, that’s quite interesting, and a good selling point. If you consider that most “hardened” phones/computers/whatever are reasonably low spec, the iPhone could do well in that market. If it wasn’t so damned expensive…

  6. You can now get 8GB cards that work fine with the N95, which solves the capacity issue. I’m sure bigger will come out in time.

  7. the iphone is WAY BETTER than the n95. you clearly don’t know what you’re talking about. i’ve owned an N95 and now an iPhone. completely different league. you can’t even compare the two.

  8. the iPhone is an amazing device. period. the people who don’t like it are kidding themselves. of course it may not be perfect. but what is. i can say this without any doubt, it is the best device out there.

  9. I disagree about the keyboard – been using an itouch for a while and it’s so nice. My nokia just broke on holiday and i really want to replace it with an iphone – if i can justify the extortionate price.

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