5 thoughts on “Dangerous driving

  1. Ahhh, the good old ‘u-turn’, whilst not quite that bad, that’s how you turn in a round in Bangkok as well. There’s no roundabouts! Just a place to do a u turn. Safe, yes?

  2. That *is* speeded up though.. Well, unless powerwalking is mandatory over there? :D

    Happy New Year by the way!

  3. I’m sorry to make a comment on here like this. I don’t know if you will have heard but Craig is missing. He made this entry: http://yukimaster.livejournal.com/136004.html this morning and shortly after emailed a few of us a message of goodbye. He is missing from home, and his phone has been found abandoned with a note in Brighton by the police. His family and friends are all very worried about him. If you would like to be kept updated on anything we hear, feel free to add me and you’ll be able to see any entries I make. I’m sorry to be bringing such news.

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