SUP forces ads on LJ users


“I’m on SUP’s LiveJournal Advisory Board. Apparently SUP just killed the Basic (“Free”) accounts. […] I advised against this (when I heard a rumor about it awhile back). I hadn’t heard anything recently about it. […] In any case, SUP apparently sees no value in freeloaders not looking at ads, not paying, and oh wait… producing most the content for other members to read, other members who are looking at ads and paying for their accounts.”
— Brad Fitzpatrick (Link)

It’s things like this that make me glad I left LiveJournal and host my blog myself. It’s quite sad, really. That place was a big part of my life for about 7 years.

3 thoughts on “SUP forces ads on LJ users

  1. @jon:
    I’m not against adverts. I’m against forcing people to have them where they don’t want them. I want them here at because I’m taking on the cost of managing the site myself and I’d like the few pence a month they earn me.

    Over at, users had the option of turning ads on for more features, or off for a basic feature set, or paying to get no ads AND more features. Now the free, no ads option isn’t there. Also, they’re on the site chrome at LJ now. It’s the general mismanagement of LiveJournal since Danga sold it that frustrates me, though.

  2. livejournal isn’t the site it was when brad ran it. Back then it was run like an excusive club for its members. That worked ok back then but whether that could have been sustained or grown i don’t know.
    The site always had to make money, so the advert revenue is essential but Brad fitz is right. I still have a paid account so why do i have to see an advert when i log in? I’m more annoyed at that than the fact that new users can’t be free users. This is only the latest in a long line of things to make the user experience worse. Free users always see adverts on other peoples’ journals so the only yay to get rid of them is to get an increasingly expensive paid account. Still the removal of free accounts was probably only to be expected from this trend..

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