LiveJournal cuts staff, more internal restructuring


“As has been reported, we had staff cuts at LiveJournal Inc. this week. Early media reports seriously exaggerated the impact of the decision on the continued existence of LiveJournal as a company and misrepresented the scope of the staff cuts. The cuts were part of a restructuring that shifted global design and product development to the LiveJournal office in Moscow.”
— Press release in LiveJournal’s news community

This just reinforces to me that I made the correct decision by leaving, and slurping my data out. LiveJournal is dying slowly. The community aspect has completely gone. The company-user relations are now done by an anonymous user called “theljstaff”, as opposed to real people. It’s becoming about as much of a community as being a customer of BT — they’re turning into a service provider rather than a community.

Dumping LiveJournal and switching to WordPress was possibly one of the best decisions I’ve made regarding my journal/blog. Just as joining LiveJournal back in 2000 was one of the best decisions. This offer still stands if you want help leaving.

The post where I decided to leave LiveJournal, including my reasons why

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