Unadopted Podcast Session 011 Out Now!


It’s mashup central here at the Unadopted Podcast this time around! Every track in this mix is a mashup of some sort or other. I think that more people need to hear some of the awesome stuff being pumped out by the likes of ElectroSound, and Loo & Placido. Sadly I don’t know all the sources on these, but if you know, or if you created them, drop a comment and I’ll get the track list updated!

  1. The Offspring vs Bloc Party- Original Banquet
  2. The Beastie Boys vs Orbital – Ch-Ch-Chime It Out
  3. Justice vs Simian vs Red Hot Chili Peppers – Waiting For Your Friends (DJ Prince Mashup)
  4. Eddy Grant vs Digitalism – Zdarlight Avenue (ElectroSound Mashup)
  5. Justin Timberlake vs Technotronic – Pump It Like I Like It (Ben Liebrand Mashup)
  6. Muse vs Klaxons – Supermassive Rainbow (ElectroSound Mashup)
  7. Superfunk vs Stardust – Luckystar
  8. Tone Loc vs Mr Oizo – Funky Cold Flat Beat (Soulwax Mashup)
  9. Annie vs Queens Of The Stone Age – First It Giveth Chewing Gum (Soulwax Mashup)

Listen now over at http://unadopted.co.uk/podcast/. If you haven’t already set it up, click the “Subscribe” link on the right-hand-side when you get there to get the podcast automatically delivered right into your iTunes or RSS reader whenever I release a new session!

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