13 thoughts on “DON’T PANIC

  1. Hmmm… discharging of static build ups?

    Or maybe after all, Douglas Adam was smart about towels.

  2. You mean – the Xbox360 is so daft that if it thinks you can’t see it is broken, then it’s not broken … ??

  3. Or it is really depressed that it was manufactured by Microsoft…

    (interesting.. the xbox could be daft after all…..)

    (sidenote: I like your picture there. Haven’t seen that film in a long while!)

  4. Possibly. I was leaning a little more towards the possibility that somehow causing it to overheat would reset the temperature sensors, or would somehow “bake” a component back into place…

  5. I think the chances are static discharge and reset the temperature sensors are quite high. I hope someone takes a further look into this!

    Hope you’re doing okay boy!

  6. “i know what i want to change my name to now, i looked it up on ljay and noticed it was taken but the user wasn’t active with it. so i got in contact with them and they deleted it for me..
    but i can’t take the username till its purged
    and i dont wanna wait that long >_>
    i was wondering if i could get a hold of a maintainter
    and tell them that that person doesn’t want to use it anymore
    and said i could have the name”

    From my friend Dani. Any ideas?

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