Leopard First Impressions


Speed is insane, most things don’t even get to bounce before they’re open.

Time Machine was crippled at the last minute. Backing up to an AFP / SMB / NFS share no longer works, even with the widely publicised .com.apple.timemachine.supported workaround. Sad. :( Only two working scenarios:
* You have an external HD (not iPod!) directly connected
* You have an HD connected to another Mac RUNNING LEOPARD

New Finder takes some getting used to, but it’s not bad.


Spaces is what Virtue / Desktop Manager should’ve been.

New Front Row is cool, but I rarely use Front Row now.

Spotlight is Quicksilver fast. No need for Quicksilver as a launcher now. Spotlight also finds dictionary definitions of words in the spotlight menu.

Quick Look is fast, as is Cover Flow in Finder.

Mail.app is rocket fuelled. Just as well, seeing as Thunderbird dev will probably stall now.

I want to say the new folder look is ugly, but it’s better than it’s been up until now.

Menus have rounded corners. Translucent menubar looks pink in the middle with default desktop.

Guest account auto purges. Neat.

New Airport menu is more intuitive. Much quicker to open, too. No Internet Connect app at all now.

Glowing blue dots to signify open apps are almost invisible unless you’re looking for them.

6 thoughts on “Leopard First Impressions

  1. It’s on crack! I have installed it on my iMac (intel) and on the G4 PowerBook. It is sooooo fast. I have blogged about it on macloco.net. Everythingin Leopard is stunning and is the fastest OS ever. CPU usage is even better now…. I can go on all day!

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